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March 2012



Kayak Solomons
Marovo Lagoon Sea Kayaking Expeditions

Kayak Solomons Sea Kayak Expeditions are based at the fabulous
Uepi Island Resort  situated on the magnificent
Marovo Lagoon.

Uepi enjoys an international reputation for world class scuba diving & snorkeling, romantic honeymoons, exciting cultural & nature tours,  'Get-A-Way' relaxation & genuine Pacific Island hospitality.

The kayak expeditions commence in the outstanding environment of the Marovo Lagoon; about 90 kms long & 6 kms wide, bounded on one side by a tropical barrier reef & on the other by two mountainous islands. The tours may extend to Nono Lagoon or outer ocean areas.

KAYAK SOLOMONS expedition paddlers travel the lagoon, experience its great reefs, beaches, islands & forests, meeting the friendly Marovo people & learning about their culture.

The Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands, offers conditions suited to the best kayaking in the world :

  • Kayaking over first class lagoon & oceanic coral reefs.
  • Kayaking a protected `smooth-water' lagoon dotted with small tropical islands.
  • Kayaking the open ocean side of a barrier reef adjacent to 2000m of water.
  • Being comfortable with warm water & climate all year -round.
  • Sharing the warm waters with the immensely diverse & colourful Indo-Pacific marine animals in this world renowned area.
  • Taking advantage of the unique melting pot mix of an extensive barrier reef, multitudes of small tropical  islands, protected lagoon & deep open ocean waters, all intermingled together, allowing for your own personal experience, to satisfy your expectations & sense of adventure.
  • The excitement of paddling in well equipped modern Sea Kayaks.
  • Itineraries specifically designed for your personal consideration & circumstances.
  • The outstanding & renowned marine & terrestrial environments of this remote part of the Indo-Pacific.
  • Genuine Pacific Islands friendliness with accommodation in local 'Eco-Lodges".
  • Solomon Island culture & customs ..`alive & real'.
  • The rewards of participating in a truly outdoor 'hands-on' activity which is personally rewarding as an individual & as a group experience.
  • The adventure of a remote exotic locality with the security of an organization with over 18 years of tourism experience in the Marovo Lagoon.



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Oceania Films/Matt Guest, Fred Bavendam, Roberto Rinaldi, Jill Kelly, Grant Kelly, Wes Kelly and Jason Kelly.


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